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You made an offer for the home of your dreams, what do you do now? First of all CONGRATULATONS! You will be moving into your dream home soon, but first there are a couple of things to be aware of. These things are just standard processes in purchasing your home.


First and foremost, you need to control the urge to go out and buy new furniture, curtains, or what ever else you want or need for your new home. Wait till you close on your home as to not change your credit score. If it goes down then the lenders may not want to take a risk on you and lend you the money to finance your home.

This leads us to discuss Lender Documents, - Your Lender will be receiving a copy of the purchase agreement. The Lender must have these to complete your file, make sure you keep in touch with your Lender to ensure nothing else is needed from you to proceed with the closing. You would be very disappointed if there is a hold up because someone missed a document. Make sure that you have all your funds in order for the closing. If you intend to use money from a CD or 401K account, you prepare ahead of the close date so all funds are available.

Inspections - This begins now - Work with your Agent to get all the inspections scheduled and completed. This will include the Termite Inspection.

Home Owners Insurance is a must - shop around for what works best for you. Your Insurance Agent will want information about the home you are purchasing, so make sure your Agent's phone number is handy --- just in case.

Go to view your new house again. This is the exciting part of this whole process Ask you Agent for some extra time to view the property again. At this time you might want invite a friend or family members to view the home with you. Just remember that if the home is not vacant yet, that the Sellers are trying to pack in preparation to you taking possession of the home, so try and be considerate and keep your visit to a minimum time frame.

A week or so before your closing, you can call to have your Utilities turned on in your name on your date of possession.

For your closing, this takes about 30 min to an hour, so make sure you schedule uninterrupted time to do this. Make sure you bring your closing money with you in the form of a Cashiers Check.

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