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Preparing your home to sell is called "Staging". This is putting a focus on the best attributes of your home inside and out. Staging is one of the first things you will want to before you list your home. Your Agent will help give you tips on what is "good" staging and what you may need to eliminate in preparation to the sale.


When thinking about how to stage your home, you want to think of it from a buyer’s perspective. Too often we have so much "personal" items around the home and it makes it very difficult for a perspective buyer to imagine themselves living there. The best advice is to DE-CLUTTER everywhere. Put away all the family photos and even organize the closets and drawers. You want your home to look as spacious as possible and opportunities for lots of storage.

Some reminders to help you de-clutter are as follows:

  • Countertops should be clear
  • Knickknacks and photos packed away
  • Refrigerator door clutter - pictures etc.
  • Clutter in the drawers and cupboards
  • Pack away and remove seasonal items such as clothes or seasonal decorations

Another BIG issue for staging your home is making sure it has a fresh clean look. Add a fresh coat of paint where needed, or possibly fix that shade, or wash the windows. The prospective buyers will notice everything, so yes it is all about presentation. Now that you feel comfortable with the inside let's move to the outside of your home.

What is Curb Appeal?

Ask yourself, if you were a prospective buyer and you pulled up in front of your home, does it look inviting enough to want to come inside for a closer look? That is exactly what we want for you home. Drive by and call your Agent to make an appointment to view that house.

You are probably wondering what you might need to do to create that inviting look, first of all and the least expensive is to make sure your lawn and property is clean - no yard rubbish, clean the rain gutters, remove any yard trash or possibly a shrub or two may need a trim.

Once you have done a thorough cleaning, move on to checking out the paint, and sidewalk conditions. If there is a fence make sure there is no repairs needed. Now check your doors and windows, make sure they are in good condition and in working order.

With your home staged inside and out, you are ready for your Agent to hold an open house. Make sure the day of the Open House that you present with good light, by pulling back curtains, lighting candles, or have some fresh baked goods to offer your guest.

If your home is going to be selling in the winter, make sure that all ice and snow is removed. Also, ensure that all pets are not allowed access to the home during the Open House. Some prospective buyers may be allergic or are afraid of certain animals.

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